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Prevent discrimination.
Counter fear and hate.
Practice peaceful co-existence.
Increase empathy and understanding.

Toward a brighter future for your faith community and beyond.

Your partnership with Tri-Faith offers far-reaching, lasting benefits:
  • Reach new audiences aligned with your mission
  • Enhance visibility of your commitment to your values
  • Lead the way in promoting inclusion and belonging in our Omaha community
  • Be known as a supporter of the world’s only co-located synagogue, church, mosque, and interfaith center
You can make our shared commitment clear:

Together, we are building a stronger future for all.

Through your partnership, you...

  • Collaborate: Sponsor, co-host, or participate in transformative events with Tri-Faith.
  • Amplify: Help spread the word to promote Tri-Faith’s work aligned with your mission.
  • Support: Your expertise, programs, services, and volunteer partnerships can bring together more people for inclusive encounters.

Pluralism means we accept that there can be more than one way to think, and believe, and act – and that we can see others’ opinions and practices as legitimate, even when we don’t share them.

Pluralism does not require that we agree with others’ views or endorse them. But it does demand that we respect their right to think that way and be who they are, so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others to do the same.”

Rabbi Brian Stoller

Congregation of Temple Israel

  • Participate in Courageous Conversations: Your faith group’s voices are vital to our community’s ongoing dialogue.
  • Visit the Commons: See our spaces up close and personal, virtually —and when safe, in person.
  • Host an Event: Your gathering of four people to hundreds finds a beautiful setting and warm hospitality in our Commons.

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For assistance, contact us by email or call us at 402.934.2955.

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