Tri-Faith Center

The Tri-Faith Center serves as a hub for social events, educational activities, and a variety of gatherings of all shapes and sizes that bring diverse people together. It is a gathering place for people from Omaha and across the U.S. to study and interact.

Our interfaith Center welcomes people of all faiths and serves as a model for peaceful co-existence, building on America’s promise of religious freedom and our desire for understanding. 


The Tri-Faith Center will be a microcosm for bringing people together and serve as an example to the world showcasing how to deal with issues that are critically important today.

D.C. “Woody” Bradford, lll

Founding Board Member

The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska Trustee

Rent the Tri-Faith Center

As a venue available to the community for rental, The Tri-Faith Center hosts venue weddings, celebrations, meetings, conferences, fundraisers, panels, or charity gatherings, furthering community spirit and hospitality. Fill out our Event Space Request Form to explore renting this extraordinary space.

The Tri-Faith Center includes:

  • Informal meeting and common spaces
  • Large, tent-like space, to be used for dinners, performances, and other multi-faith gatherings
  • Gathering spaces for retreats in a contemplative environment
  • Advanced information and communication technologies and space for permanent and traveling displays
  • Enhanced broadband internet services to support electronic learning
  • Office space for programming and administrative staff
  • Digital research library and archives
  • Commercial catering kitchen

Tour the Tri-Faith Center

Commons-wide tours explore the three congregations’ buildings. You will learn about each congregation and their involvement as part of the Tri-Faith Initiative. Tours take at least 90 minutes. However, longer tours allow for your group to take in each congregation’s space more fully, and give plenty of time to ask questions. Please give at least one month’s notice for tours.

Call on Our Speakers

Tri-Faith’s expert speakers are available to present to your church, synagogue, mosque, or community group.

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