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What’s your story — and how can we honor it in the workplace?

Religion@Work, a podcast from Tri-Faith Initiative, brings together diverse voices to share stories and discussion on the intersections of religion, faith, and spirituality in our work lives.

Join Tri-Faith Deputy Director Erik Servellon as he interviews diversity, equity, and inclusion experts, scholars, and workers from a range of industries. They’ll talk about how we can better integrate religious diversity into the workplace by bringing our whole selves to work.

Listen to our premiere episode, “Pushing Interfaith Work Forward” with Wendy Goldberg, Executive Director of Tri-Faith Initiative, on Apple, Google, and Spotify Podcasts.

  • “Religious Other Inclusion (ROI)” with Jeremy Fricke, Education Director, Tri-Faith Initiative
  • “Embracing Religious Diversity at Work” with Farrah Siddiqui, Manager of Trailhead Programs & Processes at Salesforce and Co-Founder and Global President of Faithforce, Salesforce’s Interfaith Employee Resource Group (ERG)
  • “Healing, Empathy, and Religious Accommodation” with Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Iowa
  • “Combating Anti-Semitism in the Workplace” with Jodi Benenson, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska Omaha
  • “Fostering the Ability to Disagree” with Joe Gerstandt, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Speaker, Author, and Advisor

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