Abraham’s Whiteboard

Abraham’s Whiteboard is a monthly educational program led by Tri-Faith Initiative’s Vice President of Mission Advancement, Jeremy Fricke for special topics in religious literacy, ranging from specific religious movements to broad concepts.

The purpose of the program is to learn about the wide-ranging impact and diversity of religion around the world, making sure to understand them in the context of Judaism, Christianity, and/or Islam. It may include special topics, history, or different religions.

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Previous topics have included: 

  • Angelic Beings in Abrahamic Traditions
  • Gnosticism (and Other Early Christian Sects)
  •  To Serve (Allah) and Protect: Black Muslims and the War on Drugs  
  • Who Were the Samaritans? 
  • How 9/11 Backlash Impacted the Portrayal of Muslims
  • Understanding Religions in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Religious Freedom in the Islamic Mughal Empire 
  • The Ba’hai Faith 
  • Faith Becomes Art, Art Becomes Faith
  • Us and Them: Fundamentalism and What We Can Do About It

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