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Fifteen years ago, many said it could not be done — anywhere. Tri-Faith Initiative is a one-of-a-kind, ambitious interfaith project in design, scale, and scope.

Yet, it’s thriving. Today, Tri-Faith Initiative brings together in permanent residency a synagogue, church, mosque, and interfaith center on one 38-acre campus in America’s heartland.

From this intentionally diverse space in Omaha, we bridge divides among three faith communities, neighbors throughout our larger local community, and, increasingly, people across the U.S. and around the world.

What Is Tri-Faith?

Our Mission

Inspired by the faith of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, we cultivate inclusive environments to advance interfaith relationships and understanding.

Our Vision

Be a best practice model, resource, and trainer for successful interfaith relationships and understanding.

Core Values

we strive for

Lifelong Learning


We are an agent for change by celebrating and transcending differences, engaging all people without regard to faith or identity. People of all races, genders, sexualities, religions, ages, abilities, and socio-economic classes have the right to be respected and appreciated. That happens at Tri-Faith.


We balance pragmatism and conviction. We recognize when we must adapt, as well as when we must hold true to a difficult path.


We are committed to transforming lives by fostering empathy and understanding. When we cultivate empathy, it’s a deep, person-to-person connection that reaches across lines of difference. It’s feeling what another person feels.


Our growth mindset embraces new ideas, creative problem solving, and foresight. We are guided by today’s leading research and scholarship, and continuously assessing our performance and impact to maximize the good we do.


From the convictions of our faiths and worldviews: We are bold and forthright, even in uncertainty.

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