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Tri-Faith Initiative offers opportunities to explore interfaith topics in greater depth through a selection of engaging courses.

Each Tri-Faith course incorporates diverse perspectives, facilitates fruitful dialogue, and supports meaningful learning that advances interfaith relationships and understanding.

Abrahamic Religions in Dialogue

What do Jews, Christians, and Muslims have in common, and how do they differ?

How have they treated each other historically, what are their connections today?

Abrahamic Religions in Dialogue is a one credit-hour course introducing the facts – historical, theological, ritual, and sociological – about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, analyzing their inter-relationships historically and in our contemporary world.

Abrahamic Religions in Dialogue is offered throughout the UNO calendar year. Each course builds upon the next, focusing on different aspects of the three faiths:

  • Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Historical Interactions – The Crusades & Shoah/Israel
  • Classical and Contemporary Interfaith Texts and Dialogue

Abrahamic Religions in Dialogue has been designed, developed, and implemented in collaboration by the faculty of UNO Religious Studies and staff of the Tri-Faith Initiative, in consultation with the Clergy Committee of the Tri-Faith Initiative.

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