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Picnic tables are an iconic representation of people gathering for hospitality, for food, to take time to sit and hear each other’s stories.


Tri-Faith Initiative utilizes art as a vehicle to inspire participation and public discussion on social issues and core values. Tri-Faith Initiative is accepting submissions from creatives for the public art initiative “To-Gather”. Teams will be Architect led and are encouraged to include an artist as well as contractor and/or fabricator. It is intended that each team will self-sponsor their project. If a team cannot self-sponsor their own project, Tri-Faith can provide a stipend to assist.

Submissions should encourage conversation around religious diversity and bridging difference.

We invite architectural teams to submit a “To-Gather” picnic table design proposal for a table to be placed in a public site with the intention to cultivate gathering, sharing stories, food, and collaboration. (Locations to be determined.)

  1. Submit design compliance to all maintenance, safety, and load-bearing specifications as provided.
  2. Design, fabricate and install as outlined at April 15 Informational call.
    1. One table and benches to seat approximately 8-12 people (roughly 5’wide x 12’long)
    2. Specify table foundation preference:
      12’ x 15’ concrete pad
      (4) 24” diameter footings
  3. (Optional) Apply for a stipend.  Stipends may vary depending upon need, ranging from $2,500-$5,000.


The basic features of an iconic American picnic table are similar yet distinguishable by the details. In the differences, we notice the table’s essence– the aspects that make it both unique and familiar. Religious pluralism honors space for both the unique and the familiar. The picnic table compels us to face one another squarely across a shared surface. The form — a structurally sturdy frame that unites bench seats and table — has remained largely unchanged since the 1930s. Picnic tables are a place we come together to share food, stories, and a sense of community. Like the Tri-Faith Commons, the picnic table is a symbol of a place where we can build relationships and trust across lines of difference.


  • MAY 21: Architecture firms notified of site assignment.

  • JUNE 11: Deadline for submitting construction and design drawings for sculptural picnic tables, plus specifications for any footings/foundations to review committee. Submit signed agreement confirming design with Tri-Faith and nonprofit partner.

  • JUNE 25: Progress report due to review committee, outlining construction team, proposed timeline and schedule for construction and installation between June 25 – July 30. Teams will receive up to $5,000 to subsidize the construction and design costs of their sculptural picnic tables, including footing and foundations.

  • JULY 19-30: Teams install tables at assigned sites, including any footings/foundations.

  • JULY 19-AUGUST 1: To-Gather PR Campaign.

  • AUGUST 1: Public dedication part of Tri-Faith Picnic on the Commons.


Corporate Sponsorship

We invite your sponsorship at the level of $5,000.

Contact Wendy Goldberg at, or Carol Russell at for more information on the benefits of sponsoring this extraordinary project.


Spread the Word

We welcome you!

Please contact us at any time:

Tri-Faith Initiative
13136 Faith Plaza
Omaha, NE 68144


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