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Values Mosaic

A Collaboration with the Joslyn Art Museum’s
Kent Bellows Mentoring Program

Joslyn’s Kent Bellows Mentoring Program (KBMP) is an interdisciplinary arts studio and young artist mentorship that encourages teens to explore, observe, think, and create in the arts. Teens (mentees) and professional artists (mentors) meet after school in an environment that provides a balance of freedom and support, diverse art practice, and which encourages community involvement. 

Joslyn’s KBMP is excited to collaborate with Tri-Faith Initiative to create a hanging artwork, named Values Mosaic, that represents core values of select youth from the Omaha metropolitan area. 40 young artists of Joslyn’s KBMP will paint imagery on 2 triangular wood panels each: One inspired by a value that is important to them and one inspired by a value that is important to a Tri-Faith Initiative community member. On the back of each triangle, the young artist will write about each value and why it is important to them and the Tri-Faith value-pal that they are paired with.

Through this collaboration we see the potential for conversation between diverse, young members of the Omaha community, as well as a deep consideration of what they believe and cherish in their lives. We hope that by initiating this discussion the teens will build upon their understanding and appreciation of cultures and beliefs different from their own. 

Once all triangles are complete, they will be connected together in a mosaic pattern to create a “see through” faux wall that can be viewed from both sides. The spacing between the triangles will allow viewers to see each other, inviting connections and encouraging the viewer to have an open heart in listening and understanding what others around them believe and cherish. 

The final piece will be displayed at the Tri-Faith Center for the community to view.

Be a part of the mosaic!

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Tri-Faith Initiative
13136 Faith Plaza
Omaha, NE 68144


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