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Traveling to the Bridge of Serenity

By Lubna Hussein
Graduate student at UNO
Master of Art in Language Teaching. TESOL

The voyage of traveling the Bridge of Serenity is one through meditation, appreciation, adjustment, and love. The journey started when I moved from my country, Egypt, to Omaha. Since that time, I have grown and learned a lot of different tastes of life. Traveling has given me the opportunity to explore different cultures, religions, nationalities, and customs. Therefore, my thoughts have evolved and have been nurtured through my socialization with other different peoples. All this expertise shaped my heart, soul, and mind to accept and serve mankind. Currently, I am a part of the Tri-Faith Initiative community in Omaha and a member of the American Muslim Institute (AMI). The AMI building adjacent to Country Community Church (CCC), Temple Israel, and Abraham’s Tent, all of which are knitted together by the circle of love and affection. This circle of love was symbolized and materialized in the construction of Abraham’s Bridge last year. 

My dream of the day that humanity is united in spreading peace, acceptance and helping each other came true on one of the partially sunny and cold days of January 2020 as I looked forward to starting my actual meditation trip to Abraham’s Bridge. The Tri-Faith Bridge of love, mercy, and serenity that embodies the bond of love between the interfaith community. It embodies the message of holy affiliation among human beings to humanity and compassion. I went to the AMI and waited until sunset to perform my prayer ceremony. After I finished praying, I started my trip. I walked through the back entrance of the AMI that faced Abraham’s Bridge. I passed the beautiful green back yard of the AMI that was covered with a white coat of snow. For a moment, I stood looking for where to start my journey, I found there was no starting point on the bridge because of the shape of the peaceful bound circle of the bridge.

The reason that I chose to walk on the Abraham’s Bridge at this time, was not just to see the loveliness of the sparkling glory of the circled bridge, but to think and taste the value of the prophet Abraham’s message of peace be upon him. Walking this time helped me to meditate and reflect spiritually and I found the more I walked, the more I perceived and touched the valuable connection between the interfaith partners, and I tasted how much we are related as brothers and sisters and how much we all belong to one greatest God, who is called “Allah” in the Arabic language. This dream began over 10 years ago. Oh my God! My dream has come true. My dream is about 15 minutes away from my house to Tri-Faith community campus located on the Pacific St and 132nd St, Omaha NE 68154.

The beginning of my journey started as I drove to the Tri-Faith community and parked my car at AMI parking lot. There is a beautiful landscape that connects with the CCC and Abraham’s Tent. I walked through the AMI backyard to the lighted, shiny and circle bridge that extends over the Hell Creek neighboring area to unite the three interfaith worship buildings together. The bridge is equipped with twinkling shiny lights hanging on both sides of the bridge walls. Once I saw this amazing illumination of scenery, I felt like I was flying in the twinkling and sparkling stars in the sky. Abraham’s Bridge is bordered by lots of green orchards of paradise, which are separated by small creeks from which I can hear the romantic roar of water that is harmonious with a nightingale’s songs that gives peace and reassurance to the soul and heart.

Yes, traveling to Abraham’s Bridge was like the journey to the sky that was full of faith and tranquility. When I smelled the nectar of heavenly religions that preach to the soul with beauty, love and bonding, this short and valuable trip on Abraham’s Bridge outfitted my heart with purity as the diamonds with lights. The first moment, that my feet stepped on the wooden bridge, I felt that I was melting in the crucible of faith, in which there is a greatest one creator who created us differently to get to know each other and complete each other in the journey to shape and flourish our life with peace and love.

Last but not least, as a person of faith, my walking trip was intentionally to walk to think and reflect in order to grasp the message of God (Allah) in one of the chapters of Qur’an called Surah (Hujurat- 49,13) “O mankind, indeed, We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted”. I used to read this verse of this chapter, but never tasted and felt it as today during my expedition walk. I learned and I appreciated this trip of meditation because it fed me with a flavor of faith and tranquility. I am thankful that I got the opportunity to walk on the Abraham bridge and see it from a different perspective. Also, I am grateful that I was able to express my feelings and echo in writing about Abraham Bridge, as I see it, like the Bridge of love and serenity.

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