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Building Community.
Bridging Difference.

We provide opportunities to gather across differences as neighbors, as well as educational programming that invites curiosity around the full spectrum of how people relate to religion differently.

We’re making religious pluralism a social norm by convening diverse communities, encouraging candid conversations, and building bold partnerships to fill critical gaps.


 Tri-Faith is a legacy for our grandchildren.”

Vic Gutman


Vic Gutman & Associates

Bridge Builders

Become a Tri-Faith Bridge Builder now and help promote religious diversity and inclusion.

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Our Mission

We cultivate inclusive environments to advance interfaith relationships and understanding. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where differences are honored, similarities are built upon, and everyone belongs. 

Calling All Bridge Builders

When you support the only interfaith collaboration of its kind, change takes root. 

The misunderstood religious “other” becomes the neighbor we fight for. 

The businesses in our community better understand religious needs in the workplace and feel equipped to take proactive measures. 

More people have access to meaningful interfaith relationships, helping them to deconstruct hateful rhetoric and guard against harmful misunderstandings. 

By becoming a Bridge Builder, you advance our mission in tangible, impactful ways. 

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Of people say Tri-Faith helps them to connect with people of diverse religious identities.

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Of people say Tri-Faith helps them to dismantle stereotypes and assumptions about people of diverse religious identities.

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Of people say Tri-Faith taught them something new about religions or belief systems.


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Bridge Builders

Our Partners on the Tri-Faith Commons

We welcome you!

Please contact us at any time:

Tri-Faith Initiative
13136 Faith Plaza
Omaha, NE 68144


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