Who is Tri-Faith?

We imagine and work for a world that celebrates religious difference as an asset in overcoming fear and stereotypes and embracing one another.


As our world becomes smaller through the advancement in transportation and communication technologies, the importance of creating a new model of living together grows even larger.

The Rev. Canon Tim Anderson

The Episcopal Diocese

of Nebraska

Beacon of Hope

The Beacon of Hope Capital Campaign is focused on advancing our mission by completing the construction of a fourth building: The Tri-Faith Center.

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Religious Other Inclusion

Tri-Faith Initiative is developing Religious Other Inclusion (ROI). ROI’s programs will consist of three topical areas on religion in the workplace: legal issues, inclusion strategy and implementation, and religious literacy for professionals.

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Our Mission

Inspired by the faith of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim congregations, Tri-Faith Initiative cultivates inclusive environments to advance interfaith relationships and understanding.


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Bridge Builders

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By joining our circle of Bridge Builders, you can reach more of our neighbors with this message of connection and hope, bringing more Omahans together. As a Bridge Builder, your gifts actively cultivate trust, empathy, and justice, while dispelling division and hate.