We Unite in Our Call for Change

We are heartbroken to witness the devastation. Peace is not a distant dream. It is our shared aspiration. The pain of human suffering is etched in the annals of the history of the Holy Land, and we issue a call to reject perpetuating history.

Hatred knows no boundaries. Those who express animosity toward one group often harbor biases based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, and more. We must confront these interconnected prejudices head-on.
This world is filled with divisions and strife. We unite in our call to reject that this cannot be changed.

We need to show up, not just as bystanders but as active participants in building a different world, and a new social order.
Religious leaders and faith groups can be our compass, and our government can set the sails, but it must be the people, together, that choose to make the voyage to de-escalate conflicts, and guide our communities toward hope and healing.

Tri-Faith stands together with those who wish to embark on the voyage, ready to face an unknown but undoubtedly peaceful future. As we navigate the larger geopolitical landscape, let us remember the power of interpersonal relationships to bridge divides, and foster understanding.

We must rise to the occasion to stand for justice, to fight for unity and to reject hate, and strive for a future where empathy and solidarity prevail.

In solidarity,

Wendy Goldberg
Executive Director & Co-Founder, Tri-Faith Initiative

Rick MacInnes
Chair, Tri-Faith Initiative Board of Directors

Senior Rabbi Benjamin Sharff
Senior Rabbi, Temple Israel of Omaha

Rev. Dr. Keith D. Herron
Intentional Interim Minister, Countryside Community Church

Karim Khayati
President & Co-Founder, American Muslim Institute

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