As we move forward to relocate our respective places of worship to a shared Tri-Faith commons, we have made the following agreements:

  • We agree to foster an environment of acceptance, respect and trust-building towards each other.
  • We do not proselytize to each other.
  • We seek and create opportunities for communities, groups, families and individuals to gather, meet, interact and learn from one another.
  • We look for opportunities to understand differences and build on commonalities among each other.
  • Each participant has an equal voice.
  • We engage in open discussions, with sensitivity to other participants.
  • We do our best to amicably resolve all conflicts.
  • Each faith group will own, design, and maintain its own place of worship—and have total decision-making power over it.

Memorandum of Understanding

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Coming together in one neighborhood addresses the topic of fear directly. We could never build walls high enough to protect ourselves. But if we were to build bridges of mutual understanding we together would have the opportunity to move beyond fear.

Wendy Goldberg

Tri-Faith Initiative

Executive Director

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