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Omaha Gives!

Click here to support tri-faith.

Omaha Gives rallies our community for an annual day of local giving, supporting the nonprofits who make this great city a center of compassion, respect, and mutual understanding. Thank you for being part of it!

Tri-Faith brings people of all beliefs and cultures together through interfaith relationships, learning, and programs during a time of crisis, and cultivates inclusive environments. Through this unique endeavor, we’re creating a national model for how communities can grow meaningful, lasting connections among neighbors.

Tri-Faith Initiative would not be possible without the generous support of the Omaha community. We need you today! Your gift will sustain the work and momentum of inclusion, understanding, and compassion so needed now and into the future.


Providing fresh produce for our community through the Tri-Faith Garden and Orchard. Standing for religious freedom in the face of scapegoating and fear. Creating vital space for meaningful connection across lines of difference. Through these transformative acts and many more, Tri-Faith Initiative’s work matters.

Your support on #OmahaGives sustains this work through difficult times when our community and our world face unprecedented challenges. Your generosity funds spaces, events, and resources nurturing spiritual wellness and connection during this time–particularly for those who are most vulnerable and isolated.

Please give now at Then share with your social media networks #WhyTriFaith matters to Omaha now more than ever.

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