Beacon of Hope

With Congregation of Temple Israel, Countryside Community Church, and the American Muslim Institute now successfully co-located on the Commons, and the iconic Abraham Circle bridge connecting the buildings and serving as a focal point of inspiration, Tri-Faith Initiative is focused on advancing its mission by beginning construction of the fourth building: The Tri-Faith Center. Open to all, the Tri-Faith Center will build on America’s promise of religious freedom and our desire for understanding. This gathering space for education, research, social activity, and public lectures will foster religious literacy and meaningful relationships. 

Interior of the Tri-Faith Center

A Legacy For Change

We envision a place where people from throughout the country come to study and interact, a respite from hate and bigotry, and a beacon of hope for sustained empathy. We invite you to be a part of the future of the Tri-Faith Initiative, advancing its legacy with a leadership gift.

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