Is this a moment or a movement?

As an exceptional, tumultuous 2020 comes to a close, what will it take to help us heal, connect — and reconnect — as neighbors?

This weekend we watched the 2016 movie Collateral Beauty, about the search for meaning in heartbreak and death. It’s about love in the middle of suffering, pain, and loss — and this is collateral beauty.

In the midst of deep loss of a global pandemic, Thanksgiving without loved ones at the table, and religious and political polarization sparking violence, does the chaos of this moment reveal meaning and beauty?

Is Tri-Faith the silver lining? Tri-Faith is working to create safe spaces for dialogue and understanding across religious lines, bringing folks together at a time when so many forces are pulling us apart.

Since our Virtual Grand Opening on October 17, I have had countless conversations about the play One More Chair. Most people agree, the performances and production were magnificent. The premise of gathering during a global pandemic for an intimate conversation was lovely.

As one board member noted, “it tackled cultural stereotypes, and …everyone in the play at some point admitted they didn’t realize at least one thing about the others, and committed to being open. In that way, One More Chair demonstrated the mission of Tri-Faith.” 

If you saw the play: Do you question whether its characters moved beyond stereotypes? Do you wonder what the next step is?

This special play was one theatrical performance, for one particular event, as a centerpiece of the Tri-Faith Centers’ Virtual Grand Opening, it was a powerful step forward. One More Chair moved forward our mission of attracting our broader community to join the conversation. It was a valuable moment, opening the door and modeling what Tri-Faith conversations are all about.

Now we need a movement: Moments of awareness and action strategically linked to move us forward toward the world we want to see. 

Bottom line: It’s you, me, and our neighbors, united, in inclusive environments.

I’m asking urgently for your help to expand our movement.

In navigating the uncertainty of this moment — and this year — Tri-Faith is creating space for gathering virtually to form connections. We’re excited to gather with you, our community for a community conversation. Don’t miss it!

Tri-Faith’s Neighbor to Neighbor is a series of online small group conversations for people to connect, learn about other faiths, and share personal stories through these times of social distancing.

Will you join a Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) small group conversation in 2021? It’s easy to get started. Just fill out the N2N Interest Form

Joining a small group conversation is an active commitment to listening and being in partnership together. It’s no small action.

The process promises to be transformative. This is how we build justice and peace through relationships, empathy, and trust across people of different faiths: one neighbor-to-neighbor relationship at a time. 

You are not alone. We will get through this together. Thank you for being part of our shared moments — and this movement we’re building.

With gratitude for you,


Wendy Goldberg
Executive Director

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