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RRSJ Pre-Conference Convening



Tuesday, May 30 
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM CDT

Fabric Lab (2514 N 24th St, Omaha, NE 68110)

***Registration for the 2023 Race, Religion & Social Justice Conference is required to be considered for attendance; space is limited***

Interested in helping set the stage for Tri-Faith Initiative’s second annual Race, Religion & Social Justice Conference with riveting conversations? Join us for a pre-conference convening hosted by Tri-Faith Initiative, Inclusive Communities, and Movement in Omaha for Racial Equity (M.O.R.E.). 

Interested attendees must submit an interest form upon registration for the RRSJ conference to be considered for this event (check your ticket confirmation email for a link to the form). Because space is limited not all individuals who express interest may be able to attend. 

This pre-conference convening is focused on taking a deep dive in the intersections of race and religion. Participants will explore 3 themes through their personal lived experiences with each other. 

The intention is to have interracial and intercultural conversations therefore participants must have varying racial and religious perspectives. There will be no formal presenters at the Convening as the purpose is to allow participants to explore the concepts through the lens of their own identities and build a stronger personal foundation of understanding how these intersections impact their understandings of race and religion and the structures of inequity. 

The convening will be limited to 30 participants, and preference will be given to individuals that are action-oriented or currently engaged in action planning around equity and social justice in their community. 

Convening Discussion Themes
  1. Truth about religion and race from the individual perspective -What’s your story?
  2. Unpack the idea that an absence of/separation from a formalized religious identity absolves one from the religious privilege experience and the impact of structures of inequity rooted in religion.
  3. The humanity of Black people and other marginalized racial groups through the religious lens (historical and present day).

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