Dreamwork & the Subconscious with April Kling Meyer



Tuesday, May 21
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 
Zoom (Registration Required)

Making the Familiar Strange Series 

The chaotic nature of uncertain times such as what we are experiencing personally and globally make it easier than ever to thwart and subvert our sense of self-connection and purpose, making it difficult to question how we think the way we do, what we think we want, and why we question it less and less.

In order to gain greater awareness and control of our subconsciousness, we are given few tools as effective and rewarding as dreamwork, which bridges many generations of our ancestral wisdom, and may be the basis of our most sacred traditions and beliefs, even religion itself.

Join Rev. April Kling Meyer for a brief presentation and open discussion on the practice of dreamwork and subconscious integration. You will learn more about the purpose and practice of dream interpretation as well as some basic techniques of daily dream journaling to simplify and demystify the process, making it into a simple practice you can use daily to improve self-awareness and increase greater understanding of your own will and motivations.

Making the Familiar Strange is a monthly interfaith dialogue for people of different religious and nonreligious backgrounds to share meaningful experiences from their traditions. Whether sharing spiritual practices, holiday customs, or favorite stories from scripture, Making the Familiar Strange provides an opportunity to explore shared experiences of spiritual meaning.

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