Taste of Tri-Faith




Sunday, February 23, 2020
4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Temple Israel
13111 Sterling Ridge Dr.

Join us for our annual Taste of Tri-Faith event.
Please bring a dish to share with members of our faith partner congregations and the larger Omaha community. To respect the dietary needs of our community, please refrain from using pork, shellfish, or alcohol in your dish.

A special addition of a “Controversial Food Competition” will take place this year. What is a “Controversial Food Competition”, you might ask… Have you ever wondered who makes the best hummus? Or do the best falafel come from Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, or right here in Omaha, NE?! Well, this year we will find the answer to who makes the best baba ganoush!

To reserve your spot in the competition or to get more information please email, Amanda Ryan at alryan@trifaith.org. Competition is limited to the first 7 people to reserve their spot. Grand prize will win a Tri-Faith merchandise prize and the coveted “Baba Ganoush Royalty Crown.”

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