Silent Vigil for Peace in the Holy Land



Tuesday, November 21
5:00 PM – 6 PM DT

Join us to walk around Abraham’s Bridge as a peace vigil for the Holy Land. This silent candlelight vigil will create a space for individuals concerned about the war to grieve for the loss of life, demonstrate their empathy for all affected, and envision a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Holy Land. 

This is a solemn moment to reflect on pain and loss and offer a glimpse of hope modeling that the US has no place for anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim attitudes.


Why no flags and banners? 
Signs of protest and political statements are an American right and absolutely have their place. However, the purpose of this vigil is to focus inward on our own shared humanity and pursuit of peace — not on outward messages that can distract or divide. As we invite the public onto the Tri-Faith Commons, we simply ask that people please respect this intention to create space and presence where everyone feels safe to grieve for the loss of life, demonstrate their empathy for all affected, and envision a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 
Why no speeches?
For this event, we have chosen to focus on presence, not presentation. 
Will there be security?
Yes. Tri-Faith Initiative and its partners have invested in the safety of vigil participants. Local authorities have also been notified and will be monitoring the event. 
Do I need to bring anything? 
Nope. Just come as you are, but do bundle up (it’ll certainly feel like November). Tri-Faith Initiative will be providing electronic candles to participants near the entrance of Abraham’s Bridge; there will be a designated area at which to drop off your candle before exiting the bridge. 
Where should I park? 
Please park on both the north and south sides of the Tri-Faith Center (i.e., the lots adjoining American Muslim Institute and the Tri-Faith Center, as well as the smaller lot between the Tri-Faith Center and Countryside Community Church). Once you are down on the lawn behind the Tri-Faith Center, you will be directed to enter Abraham’s Bridge from the south nearest Countryside Community Church. 
Is this a fundraising event? 
No; though donations toward Tri-Faith Initiative’s mission are always welcome and appreciated, this is not a fundraising event. We only ask that you give your time and full attention toward a meaningful evening of togetherness as we walk the bridge. 

Will this be filmed/photographed?

We do anticipate local news media to drop by. If you are uncomfortable with potentially being captured in the footage or photos for a news broadcast, then it might be best to abstain. Tri-Faith staff will also be cataloging the event.

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