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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Conversations: Pluralism and Jewish Law with Rabbi Brian Stoller



Thursday, October 14
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT
Zoom (Registration required)

“​Pluralism means we accept that there can be more than one way to think, and believe, and act – and that we can see others’ opinions and practices as legitimate, even when we don’t share them. ​Pluralism does not require that we agree with others’ views or endorse them. But it does demand that we respect their right to think that way and be who they are, so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others to do the same.”

– Rabbi Brian Stoller, Congregation of Temple Israel

Judaism is strongly committed to a pluralistic, dynamic civil society, and scripture commands Jews to love the stranger as oneself. In the United States, Jews have been vocal proponents of democracy and the basic political order. Their main concerns have not been whether they can be free to practice their religion, but the extent to which they can participate in civil society on equal terms with others.

In our current era of political divisiveness, how can we affirm religious pluralism? How can modern Jews — and Americans of all faiths — protect the worth and dignity of all human beings? What can we do to be proactive in celebrating a pluralistic neighborhood, community, and country? 

Please join Executive Director Wendy Goldberg as she invites Rabbi Stoller to discuss this and more through an Open Conversation about the concept of pluralism versus orthodoxy in Jewish law.

Tri-Faith Initiative events are recorded and archived on our YouTube Channel.

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