Do Good with Tri-Faith: Fund It Friday



Do Good Week is your opportunity to build bridges with Tri-Faith, connecting people who need to know and trust each other as neighbors.


Do even more to grow our work with your donation of $1 or more.

Your gift cultivates meaningful interfaith community — one person, one relationship, at a time.

How to Do Good with Tri-Faith:

  1. Make a donation of at least $1 today.

  2. Give a gift of $60 or more to become a Tri-Faith Bridge Builder. Bridge Builders bring together people of different backgrounds and traditions — in settings where we discover the power and beauty of our differences and our shared values.  And they get regular updates and swag as a thank you!

Make sure your gift counts by using the giving code DOGOODWEEK.

Help us win prizes on Celebration Saturday
Every gift you make on Fund It Friday counts as an entry for Tri-Faith in a random drawing for a $1,000 prize!

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