Abraham’s Whiteboard: African American and Jewish Connections in Samuel Bak’s Holocaust Art



Thursday, July 1
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM CDT
Zoom (Registration required)

In this special session of Abraham’s Whiteboard, Dr. Jeannette Gabriel of UNO will lead us in a presentation on the topic, “African American and Jewish Connections in Samuel Bak’s Holocaust Art.” This exploration of recent Jewish history and identity will draw on the work of Samuel Bak, a Lithuanian-born American painter, writer, and Holocaust survivor who uses allegory and artistic devices in his works to depict challenging subjects.

About our guest presenter: Jeannette Gabriel is the Director of the Nate and Hannah Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies. Dr. Gabriel’s research examines Jewish communities through the lens of race, ethnicity and gender. She documents untold stories that complicate and enrich the existing historical record. Dr. Gabriel’s current research projects include African American and Jewish collaboration and conflict and Jewish history of the Midwest. Dr. Gabriel teaches classes in Judaic Studies that have been cross listed with Women’s Studies, History, and Black Studies. In addition, she teaches classes within Omaha’s Jewish community and sits on the board of the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society.

Abraham’s Whiteboard is a monthly educational class led by Tri-Faith’s Education Director, Jeremy Fricke, or a guest, on a wide variety of religious topics, from world religions like Hinduism and Buddhism to special topics like how definitions of religion impact our own religious identities. All Abraham’s Whiteboard sessions are open to all people regardless of background, but will connect the content to Judaism, Christianity, and/or Islam.

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